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Option 1: You can terminate your lease. However, this includes paying off the remaining payments on your lease and is not the best financial option.

Option 2: Trade your lease with someone. If a qualified applicant is willing to take over your lease then you can transfer your lease to them. However, if the person you transferred the lease to fails to make payments, you may be responsible for payments.

Option 3: Pay it off. This is the best financial option as long as it’s under the right circumstances.

 If you’re a year or two into your lease, there is a chance that the amount you owe on the car is less than what the car is worth. For instance, the leasing company undervalued your car’s residual value (buyout amount) when you leased the car. This gives you equity, which means your car is worth more than the cost to pay it off.

This usually [...]

2010 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 LTZ Pickup 4D 6 1/2 ft
Price: $26,995
Miles: 135,950
Engine: 6.0L Duramax V8
Transmission: 6-Speed Automatic

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2014 Audi Q5 Quattro Premium Plus
Price: $25,000
Miles: 62,750
Fuel Economy: 20 MPG City / 28 MPG Highway
Horsepower: 220
Torque: 258
Weight: 4,079 Pounds
Engine: 2.0 Turbo
Transmission: 8-Speed Automatic
Drivetrain: AWD

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DOT Rated.
Quick Release
Tarp System
22.5 Low Pro Rubber.
48 X 96.
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On 4/4, Jeep 4×4 Day sends us into adventure! Celebrate the joy of discovery while traveling through the open air.

As temperatures get warmer, we are lured to the outdoors, and what better way to experience the thrill of an excursion than in a Jeep 4×4. Take your outdoor experience to a whole new level through rocky slopes, muddy trails, creeks, or any other wild terrain.

The various terrain are just part of the journey. You can see lost history and beautiful sites in a Jeep. Get away with friends, family, or take off for a week by yourself to relax. This day reminds us that every day was meant for adventure!

2017 Lexus RX 350 AWD

Miles: 43,426

Sale Price: $36,000

Normal wear & tear.

Everything is in working order.

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10. Check / Replace Belts & Hoses

9. Wash Your Car

8. Have Your Brakes Checked / Replaced

7. Perform Regular Checkups

6. Change Your Engine Air Filter

5. Replace Windshield Wipers

4. Test The Lights

3. Check / Replace The Fluids

2. Change The Oil

1. Inspect & Maintain Tires

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2021 Honda Accord Touring

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