Consumer Leases

We make personal leasing easy. Need an affordable 2nd or 3rd car for your spouse or college student? We lease any make or model and will bring it to you for a test drive!

    Work Trucks & Vans

Busy Schedule? We understand your business needs. You work hard and need a rugged automobile to help you stay on top of your projects. We can do unlimited mileage leases!


        Tire Service

We will take your car in for regular tire rotations. If you need to replace the tires, we can handle this service as well. Like always, we’ll pick up your car at your home or place of business and leave a loaner if needed.


     Scheduled Oil Changes

We understand how valuable your time is! Let up pick up your car and get the oil changed for you. If needed, we will leave a clean loaner car while the service is performed.


    Equipment Leases

We design custom finance and lease packages for all kinds of equipment, including Construction, Medical, Dental, Veterinary, Industrial and Office Equipment.

      Our Capabilities

We design custom finance and lease packages for most any product or industry…especially if it has wheels. Just a few examples of what we have financed/leased are Tow Trucks, Mobility Vans, Semi’s, Ambulances, Mobile Medical Labs and even Buses!


      General Auto Maintenance

Have a small mishap on the highway? Is a maintenance light on? Don’t worry, we work with several certified body shops and garages that can quickly get you up and running again.

     Complete Solutions

Have you had a leasing experience that left you a bit puzzled? Burhill’s experienced staff takes the time to explain your lease. We get to know you and can offer unique, yet simple solutions for your personal or company needs.

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